Just a sample of the clubs street rods,

Lou A.

1940 Ford Coupe

John B.

1930 Ford Tub

Dave B.

1933 Ford Sedan

John G.

1940 Ford Coupe

Billy G.

1937 Ford Convertible

Jeff B.

1948 Chevy Truck

Fred H.

1935 Ford Convertible

Ron H.

1935 Ford Sedan

Joe K.

1939 Ford Coupe

Larry M.

1947 Ford Convertible

Dave M.

1948 Chevy convertible

Erick M.

1939 Ford Coupe

Bob O.

1947 Ford Woodie

Tom P.

1933 Ford Roadster

Bob P.

1933 Chevy Sedan

Randy P.

1937 Ford PU

Ken R.

1932 Fords

Matt R.

1932 Ford Roadster


Jim S.

1937 Ford Convertible

Terry S.

1939 Chevy Sedan

Harold S.

1930 Ford Hotrod Sedan

Kevin T.

1928 Dodge

Rick W.

1932 Ford 5W

Joe A.

1941 International

Darrel T.

1932 Ford

Doug D.

1941 Ford Roadster

Andy Z.

1940 Ford w/more to come

Cincy Members at Rod Run.

Pre 49

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